Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Story of the Half- Empty Glass

Half Empty Glass
Is it Half Full or Half Empty?

Wise people 

say that we should see our glass half-full, but I say, see it half-empty. For if you see the glass half-full, you won't bother to fill it full. But only if you see it half-empty, you will try to fill it. Goal to reach the Zenith is achieved only by mortals, for immortals already reside there. They can eat the heavenly apples but not appreciate it sweetness. You know why? 

Because they never did any labour to achieve them. So flap your wings and fly high, as high you can, till you reach the Zenith and then you can say, the glass is full. But I must warn you, I quote "I must warn you", do not try to fly by snatching wings of others. You may be able to fly for sometime, you may even fly above many others, but you will surely fall. You will crash on the surface of Earth and not a single soul will mourn you. Your partners in crime will only rip your feathers and then they will also meet the same fate. So fly with your wings and in the way try to help those who can not fly. They will surely return the favor, for even the strongest birds can tire and even the smartest birds can forget their direction. So fly high with your wings, help others in the way and then sit next to immortals and tell them, "These apples are sweet, unlike anything!" And this will only happen when your glass will be half-empty and not half-full. Got it?  

But as always, its just my opinion. What's your opinion? Do share it here! 

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