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How To Get Bitcoins For Free

No, this is not what a Bitcoin looks like!


is a virtual currency which does not belong to any country. Its actually the "people's money". There is no centralized authority to control it or devalue or revalue it. This currency will have only 21 million units and can not be further increased. So its a valuable currency. Some people are even saying that Bitcoin will be the next gold. If we see the prices of Bitcoin, then in general they are increasing. At one time it even crossed the value of $1000 per unit! So investing in Bitcoins is a good option. Current rate of  a unit of Bitcoin is $600, which of course goes up and down.

Bitcoin Price Chart
Bitcoin Price Chart

Now you will ask what's the actual use of Bitcoins. 

Firstly they are a secure mode of payment which can be used globally. Secondly, the fees involved in the transaction of Bitcoins is almost negligible. Thirdly it's blazing fast. Fourthly Bitcoins can be used as investment. Buy low, sell high. And last not the least, Bitcoins can be actually generated in your home! But for that you need very high end equipment. This process of generating Bitcoins is called mining and as I told earlier also, that only 21 million Bitcoins can be generated, out of which  15.5 million bitcoins have already been generated.

I guess that's enough info about Bitcoins! You can find more info about Bitcoins Here.

Now lets come to the main topic. How to get this valuable currency and that too for free. Since everyone can not afford to invest in Bitcoins, which can be due to lack of resources or even lack of trust, there have been a flood of websites which offer free bitcoins for viewing advertisements or doing other small tasks. And I am going to list those websites on this page. If you want you can bookmark this page, as I will keep posting more of these sites.

Stack Of Bitcoins, just kidding!

Before we move further you should see this video on how to use a Bitcoin Wallet, which is basically an E-Wallet to send/receive and buy/sell Bitcoins.

Watch on Youtube for full instructions
Free Bitcoin Earning Websites

1) Dollarclix:

 This is the Best Free Bitcoin website that I have found. Not only it gives free Bitcoins, but it gives in lots of them. This is basically a GPT website, i.e. you earn money by completing surveys and offers. You can easily cashout your earnings via Bitcoins option. In a few days itself I earned a good amount on this site. Also I am now a moderator on this site, managing forums and website chat box. Admin of Dollarclix is a great person and I am in direct contact with him. All cashouts are made within 24 hours and also support tickets are answered within 12 hours. With many contests like referral contest and earnings contests, this site is worth joining for free Bitcoins. I have a special offer for all those who join from this page. I will give 25% refback to all of you via Bitcoins. Now you have no reason to not join this site! You can read my detailed blogpost about Dollarclix here. 

 Minimum Withdraw Amount: 0.008 BTC
Referral Commission: 15% (1st level) & 10% (2nd level)

2) FreeBitco:
This is one of the oldest free Bitcoin website. Here you claim up to $200 worth of bitcoins every hour, although the chances are very low! Apart from that there is weekly lottery system where you can earn up to $1600 worth of Bitcoins! The best part is you don't have to buy the tickets. You get them for free whenever you claim Bitcoins on this site. Also this site acts as Bitcoin Casino, where you can bet high and low or win the jackpots. Amazing, isn't it? For more info you can watch this video.

Minimum Withdraw Amount: 0.000104 BTC
Referral Commission: 50%

3) SwissAdsFaucet:

This faucet is basically same as FreeBitco only. The minimum Bitcoins which can be claimed are same, but it's not at par with Freebitco in terms of higher Bitcoin claims. But still it's a good Bitcoin Faucet and it pays instantly.

MinimumWithdraw Amount: 0.001 BTC
Referral Commission: 25%

4) FirstBitcoinRevShare:
This site is basically a revshare site. That is you buy some adpacks on it and in return you get advertising credits and part of the revenue of the site. But you don't need to invest anything to earn from this site. There are plenty of PTC ads on this site, through which you can earn free Bitcoins. Also there are directory ads, which also give you some free Bitcoins, and they are almost unlimited! If you wish you can either withdraw the earned amount or buy adpacks with it to increase your Bitcoins even more. 

MinimumWithdraw Amount: 0.001 BTC
Referral Commission: 10%

5) PipsTycoon:

 This site is basically a virtual economy game. It has all the elements of a economy, like factories, jobs, products, houses, salaries, bonuses, taxes etc. The aim of the player is to make balance between all of them and earn a profit. I can not guarantee you profits on this site as it is more of a mind game. If you think you can think ahead or you have entrepreneur qualities, then this game is for you. You can earn unlimited amount of Bitcoins on this website. When you register on this site, then go tho works section and work. This will get you a little amount. You may also see a banner which says you can claim bonus. When you start with 0 energy you get a bonus of $0.005 and if you buy energy items from the market you get $0.01 per energy point. But don't buy energy until the work message says so. When the work message says, you have to buy energy, then click on "check marketplace", and but the item with your earned money. Make sure to collect the energy bonus after that. This way you can keep on increasing your balance, which later you can withdraw in form of Bitcoins or invest them in factories, houses etc. 

Minimum Withdraw Amount: 0.2548 BTC
Referral Commission: 10%

6) Ads4BTC:

Ads4BTC is an BTC PTC website meaning Bitcoins Paid To Click. As the name itself suggests, you get Bitcoins for viewing ads on this site. In comparison to other competitors, this website pays very good. You can easily earn 2500 Satoshi in 2-3 minutes. Withdrawals are always instant.


Minimum Withdraw Amount: 0.001 BTC
Referral Commission: 10%

7) ClaimBtc:

On this website you claim Bitcoins every 20 minutes and also you can get bonuses while claiming  the bitcoins. These bonuses can increase your Bitcoin Claim amount, decrease timer or even increase chances of finding more bonuses! One other major advantage of this site is that each day you claim bitcoins on this site you get a increase in Bitcoin amount, up to 100%. 

Minimum Withdraw Amount: 0.0002 BTC
Referral Commission: 25%

8) CoinPlants:
Coinplants is a free Bitcoin website where you earn Bitcoins by planting and harvesting Bitcoins. It requires some time but after that you can make very good profits on this website. After every 8 hours you get free Bitcoin bonus so that you have more money to maintain your farm. After you make an account, make sure to upgrade only shop, warehouse, water tank, harvested fruits warehouse and some plots of fields. Do not buy other long fields, harvested cereals warehouse and dog house! You will require them only once you have good amount of money. So initially spend more time on upgrading harvested fruits warehouse only. In the beginning you can grow strawberries and as you have more upgraded harvested fruits warehouse, you can try onion. cabbage, melon etc. Also do not forget to check water level of your plants and sell them as soon as they are ready to harvest. Enjoy your Bitcoin farming! 

Minimum Withdraw Amount: 0.001 BTC
Referral Commission: 30% 

So these were some of the sites where you can earn free bitcoins. But of course these are not the only ones. Keep your eyes open and you may find even better sites! Please share yOUR opinions, feedback, critique for this blogspot.

Yours Truly
Bitcoin Hunter

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