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Personal Life:
So I am Siddartha Gupta and I live in this beautiful country called India. In India also, I live right in its heart, in New Delhi. I am a 24 years old male, who enjoys watching American TV shows, Hollywood and Bollywood movies. My Favorite TV show is Games of Throne. In movies I prefer the ones having lots of emotions, action and story. Like Sparta 300, Gangs Of Wassepur etc. I am a big fan of games also, but lately I am playing less games. There was a time when I used to play games for at least 14-15 hours a day. What nonsense days were those! My favorite game is Assassin Creed 2, mainly because of the story line. Other than that I am a big fan of casual games like Stardew Valley, Aveyond Series, John Wizard games etc. My hobbies are flipping through wikipedia pages, watching food related videos, playing games, creating Youtube Videos etc. 

Professional Life: 
I have worked in many companies like Serco, Cafe Coffee Day, Starbucks, Zara. Basically I was growing in my professional life, but I was not enjoying it much. It was same work all day long, nothing exciting and I always felt low. I felt like a robot. So I left the job at Zara and decided to work at home. Initially it was very hard, but I managed to get some good work on Upwork platform, where I translated 200+ videos of a Famous French Chef, Eric Arouze. It was a translation from English to Hindi. After that I worked as a regular translator for Wikihow. There I translated many articles from English to Hindi. It was a great job, I worked for around 1 year there. But then I starting looking for even better opportunities and currently I work on a Google project as an independent freelancer. Basically I am responsible for localizing Google for India. I still do translations, but only the ones with higher pay. Sometimes I also work on Amazon Mturk, survey sites etc. Other than that, I also invest in some online sites and I get a good revenue from them.

Dreams, Goals:
I aspire to become a proper businessman, both online and offline. I aim to open my own chain of vegetarian restaurants within next 10 years. Start would be small, but I hope to achieve this goal. In online terms I would like to launch a site which will enable members to earn from various sources, like PTC, faucets, crowdfunding, adpacks, surveys/offers etc. I have ideas in my mind, but it will take more than ideas to complete these goals.

In dreams, I wish to be an actor in Hollywood. This aim is next to impossible for a guy like me, who is introvert, and knows nothing about acting But I guess most dreams are impossible only! Let's see till where I can fly. Hoping for the best!

I guess that's it about me. You can contact me via the Contact Me page.

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