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Painful Killing of Animals

lobster boiling in water
A Lobster ready to be Boiled Alive. :-(


I came to know that the crabs and lobsters, which are enjoyed worldwide, are actually prepared by boiling them alive. The chefs who prepare these aquatic animals say that these animals don't have a big enough brain to feel pain. Crab catchers say that while catching crabs and lobsters, they are often clawed by them and it's only fair to boil them alive. Is it right to inflict an animal so much pain because it has smaller brain and it might not feel pain? Recent studies have shown that these creatures actually feel pain. They try to avoid places where they have felt pain or tortures. Do you think it is fair to boil some creature alive just for more taste?

whole roasted piglet
We don't Excuse the Babies Also.

And this is not the only form of extremely painful killing of animals for food and other things. In China, many restaurants serve fish. Do you know how do they prepare it? These people take a live fish, apply some marinade and dip it in the boiling oil and fry it, leaving only the mouth and gills. Now this fish is alive, it is out of water, it is struggling to take breath and at the same time experiencing an excruciating pain because of its lower body fried. And it does not end there. After it is served on the table, some curious guests try to play with it, by poking its gills while the poor fish is still alive.


                                                      Half-Fried Fish still alive.

Next we come to Korea where dogs and other fury animals are stripped alive. They mark cuts on these animals' feet and then just strip them of. But the animal is not dead, it is alive. Even after being skinned, it is breathing, but it is just like a mass of muscles. You might have seen similar cruelty in Game Of Thrones, where Ramsay Bolton flays his enemies alive. Can you imagine this to yourself? Is your fur coat really that important?                                                 
alive skinned dog
Dog Skinned Alive.

Who doesn't know of the infamous 'Dog festival' held in China. You don't? Then you should do a google search about it. You would surely be surprised to see the results. This is a yearly festival held in China. In this festival, dogs are slaughtered and eaten. Yes, dogs. Man's best friend for thousand of years. More loyal than blood relations. And here also they are not humanely killed. They are first hooked on a wall. Then they are burned alive. They say that more the animal suffers, more tasty it is. And of course afterwards the animal is hacked to death. Very appetizing, isn't it? Westerners would surely not like this festival, I think. But are they innocent? No, surely not. Italians are known to consume another very good and loyal friend of ours. This animal has also been with humans for thousands of years. It has played a major role in deciding the fate of rulers, irrespective of space and time. Yes, you guessed it right. The horse. Beautiful, powerful, swift, loyal and inspiring horse. Italians love horses. Both riding and consuming them! There are many restaurants devoted for this cause. In fact, it is said that the fastest way for an outsider to mingle with Italians is to respect their traditions. Especially the horse meat eating tradition. What a good reward these animals get for their loyalty and friendship with the humans! I guess its only fair to be unfair for humans. That's what we have been  doing for thousand of years. And traditions must go on!

alive cat burned
Cat burnt Alive
are horses also slaughtered for meat
Horse to be Slaughtered
boiling a dog alive in china
Dog Boiled Alive

Are humans meant to be like this only? Don't you think definition of 'humane' doesn't match with the word? How are we different from the fabled orcs and trolls? How can we call them brutal and us 'humane'? We can debate on whether animals should be killed or not, whether one should be vegetarian or not; but can we debate on whether an animal or human be killed without pain and quick?

warrior orc
Orc. In case you were wondering.

When a human commits a crime of killing people or raping someone or involving in terrorist activities, then first of all that human is given full freedom to defend themselves. Then if he/she is found guilty then there is a long debate whether that human be given punishment of death or not and if given, then it is ensured that the human dies quick and suffers the least pain possible. But for an animal it is not true. Animals who are given painful death are completely innocent and even if they are not, then they just have no control over their nature. Even without a hint of guilt these animals are killed. Why? Just because they can not speak, they can not protest, can not show any emotions, can not make their opinions heard. If you believe in God, then these animals are like our brothers and sisters only. Kind of dyslexic though. And if you don't believe in Gods, then I think you should appreciate their existence even more. Yes, I acknowledge that humans are on top of the food chain, but is it must that we exercise this advantage? Animals can not make a choice, so they kill to survive, but we have a choice. We can choose, we have a heart with emotions. We have the resources to thrive on vegetarian diet. For those who do not have I can understand, like people in desserts, mountains, forests etc. Although they can also make choice, but I know it is difficult. But what about people in villages, towns and cities? They do have a choice to be kind or heartless, to be guilty or not. 

shadow murder
Guilty Human

lamb looking in a cute way
Innocent Animal


Now I must tell you one big disadvantage of this killing to humans. Do you know what enables a human to do crime ? Most of you will say circumstances, environment, personal choices of the criminal etc. Yes, these things directly impact a human's behavior. But you will not mention one indirect reason and that is their food choices. A non vegetarian person is more inclined to do crime rather than a vegetarian person. Reason is simple. How can a person who can not see an animal killed, can not think of killing an animal; inflict physical pain to a human. How can he kill someone for fun, dominance, or involve in terrorist activities where innocents are killed? How can he rape a woman, when he cannot tolerate the crying of a fluttering chicken about to be slaughtered? Think about it. If someone would do a survey in jails, then they would find that more than 90% of hardcore criminals are hardcore non-vegetarians. You know I am telling the truth,Right? Many western countries provide their prisoners with donated meat. Some people would see this as an act of kindness. But I see this as an act of self-harm. Instead of turning those animals into humans you are making them more violent. Try feeding them vegetarian diet instead. They are bound to become human. Has anyone thought that why so many Muslims are now days involved in brutal killings of innocent people. One reason is sure that they are being brain washed. But there is one more reason. From childhood itself they are shown how to kill animals brutally. They never let the animal die peacefully. They cut one of its vein and let the animal suffer pain for several minutes. That's where the violence comes from. Inflicting this suffering to animals become so common to them, that after sometime it does not matter if the sufferer is animal or human, they just enjoy it. Not all Muslims are same. But one thing is for sure, that if they did not inflict so much suffering to animals, they could not be so violent. We inflicting pain to animals is just like ISIS inflicting pain to innocent humans. So for animals we are ISIS. Isn't it?
isis butchers
How Easy It is For These Men to Butcher Humans.

So in the end I can only say that for a peaceful future adopt a vegetarian diet and if not possible then choose the least painful method to kill animals. For a  better Earth, for a peaceful future.

squirrel shaking hand
Let's be Friends!

Be Good, Be Vegetarian
Siddartha Gupta


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