Monday, 2 May 2016

Have you played Stardew Valley yet?

Ever done farming at night?
Farming at Night!

Stardew Valley 

is a very soothing and relaxing PC game which has been released this year only on Steam.  This game has some really beautiful graphics and lovely music. Once this game released on Steam, it didn't take it much time to become best seller games on steam. It was released on February 26th, 2016 and till now it has sold more than 1 million copies! This game has been published by Chucklefish Games and single handedly developed by a guy known as Concerned Ape, who is an indie game developer. He developed this game on C++, just for experimenting. But then he kept on making it better and better for 4 years! He was fully responsible for the design, art, writing, dialogues, concept, technical aspects, music, coding and everything that goes in making of a great game. In an interview Concerned Ape said that he himself was not knowing that the game would be this popular. He thought that the game would be played only by a specific group of people, like farming game fans, sim fans etc. You can read his full interview Here.   

Stardew Valley is not an expensive game (although its pricing is increasing at regular intervals), but still its way better than most expensive games in the market. When you will play this game, then most certainly you will find yourself lost in it. So yes, its a great stress buster game. And country side is always relaxing, isn't it? 


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This game features farming, ranching, mining, fishing, treasure hunting, festivals, wedding and even kids and family. And of course pigs, witches and slimes are always there to welcome you! You can say it the "Best Farming Game" also. 

Chicken Coop
Chicken, ducks and rabbits. So cute!

Along with that, this game has one of the most interesting and emotional cut scenes, leaving a smile on your face for sure. You will find the game play somewhat similar to Harvest Moon game series but story progression, graphics, music and cut scenes make this game a lot better. During the progression in this game you will be asked to make different choices, each choice leading to different result with great deal of details. So your yes or no makes a difference here! Soon this game is going multiplayer, which means even more fun.

P.S. For girls who like to play games, especially the dating sim, farming, casual kind of games, then there is option of female protagonist also in the game.

Official Stardew Valley Website :--  
Buy this game on Steam store :--

Do let me know if you have played Stardew Valley already. If not, then I would surely suggest this great game. Not only it is a great game for gamers but also it is a good stress buster. If you want to just escape from reality for sometime, then also it's a great vehicle  

So go ahead and play the game. And don't forget to comment below. After all this blog is all about sharing yOUR opinions! 

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