Saturday, 9 July 2016

Painful Killing of Animals

lobster boiling in water
A Lobster ready to be Boiled Alive. :-(


I came to know that the crabs and lobsters, which are enjoyed worldwide, are actually prepared by boiling them alive. The chefs who prepare these aquatic animals say that these animals don't have a big enough brain to feel pain. Crab catchers say that while catching crabs and lobsters, they are often clawed by them and it's only fair to boil them alive. Is it right to inflict an animal so much pain because it has smaller brain and it might not feel pain? Recent studies have shown that these creatures actually feel pain. They try to avoid places where they have felt pain or tortures. Do you think it is fair to boil some creature alive just for more taste?

whole roasted piglet
We don't Excuse the Babies Also.

And this is not the only form of extremely painful killing of animals for food and other things. In China, many restaurants serve fish. Do you know how do they prepare it? These people take a live fish, apply some marinade and dip it in the boiling oil and fry it, leaving only the mouth and gills. Now this fish is alive, it is out of water, it is struggling to take breath and at the same time experiencing an excruciating pain because of its lower body fried. And it does not end there. After it is served on the table, some curious guests try to play with it, by poking its gills while the poor fish is still alive.


                                                      Half-Fried Fish still alive.